Still here all these years later. If you’ve a Saskatchewan related blog to share, please leave a comment.

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Saskblogs Aggregator 2.0 is gone

The SaskBlogs Aggregator 2.0 has disappeared along with Feedcluster.com, so here’s the last of the blog list, and it will no doubt need some tune-ups. There are bound to be dead links or links that have died and grown spam.
A Healthy Society
a SMALL look at the movies
Abandoned Stuff by Saskboy
Accidental Deliberations
Active Learning Blog Carnival
Adventures of a Saskatchewan Girl
Adventures of Sparkling Suz
atomic robot
Balls of Rice
Bath Goddess
Belle Plaine’s Official Website
Best of Used Regina
Best of Used Saskatchewan
Birds Eye View
Birkbeck’s Blog
bloggedy blog blog
Blustery Bandwagon
Buckdog Politics
Canadian Political Viewpoints
Carla Beck for School Board
Conquering Chaos
Cranky Ron | Important Ideas
Crocodile Morsels
Death Bed Moment
Derek’s Dirt
Ditch the Training Wheels
dog blog
Eat My Blog
ecosocialism canada
Editing Luke: The Blog
Enormous Thriving Plants
Feisty, Frugal, and Fabulous
From Beer to Babies…
Geeky Blithering
Giant Political Mouse
Global Regina Storming
GoHere Destinations | Bringing the best tourism desinations in Southwest Saskatchewan right to your fingertips
Gord Barnes
Great Annual Saskatchewan Pedal (GASP) Tour
Growing Up
grrrl meets world
INK Sports
Jeph Maystruck
Jessica Ward
Keen’s Korner
Larry Hubich’s Blog
Last Mountain Photography
Late Fines and Library Crimes
Librarian Idea Swap : Programs and Promotions
Life at Golden Grain Farm
Life of Turner
Meanwhile, Melody Muses… « God’s not finished with me yet. Until then, I muse.
Media Mosaic
Molly’s Memos
Momentary Integrity
Moose Bellows
Mother May I Musings
My Simple Wonder Blog
My Sweet Prairie
Namaste, Aum Kleem
Next Year Country
NinjaRobot Thoughts
NorthStar Expeditions
Notre Famille en Mouvement
On second thought
One Minion’s Opinion
One Thousand and One Nights
Only the Shallow Know Themselves
Overheard in Saskatoon
Pilot’s World
Prairie Feast
Prairie Peace
Railway & Main: Small-Town Saskatchewan Hotels
Reclaiming James
red to orange
Regina Artisan Bread: Orange Boot Bakery
Regina Car Share Co-operative
Regina in Pictures
Regina Urban Ecology
Rider Prophet
Rolli Writes
Ron Baker
Rove Report
RPL Central Branch: A Modernist Gem
rustic undertakings
Ryan Holota
Saskatchewan Birds, Nature and Scenery
Saskatchewan Skeptics
Saskatoon In Focus
saucy’s sprinkles (bloggedy blog blog)
Selfish Matters
Simple Massing Priest
Solitary Spinster
stubble jumping redneck
Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.
Teaching and Developing Online
The Adventures of Tim & Zodi’s Blog
The Bottom of the Sky
The Common Sense Conservative
The James Update
The Musings of Mr. C.C.
the other Hilary
the regina mom
The Shrinking Violet
this hapax legomenon
tony arkles blog
Trevor Herriot’s Grass Notes
Unmasking the Media
Vision Of Earth | For a Better Tomorrow
Welcome to the 2011 Saskatchewan General Election
What the ?! ….. Chickens!
what’s that smell?
~ Bill’s ~ Friday ~ Funnies ~
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Tweetup this Wednesday in Regina

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Bloggers and Twitter users Meeting in Regina

June 13, 2013 there’s a #YQRtweetupX event at the Freehouse in Regina. RSVP on Eventbrite to come. If it’s full (or over) when you check, let us know you’re interested in there being another TweetUp, in the comments here.

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What’s a Tweetup? It’s a meet-up for Tweeters. Bloggers mostly love Twitter, and there are a lot of sociable tweeters in Saskatchewan. You can meet them at Tweetups. #YQRTweetup is one such hashtag in use to organize social events. There’s also a Facebook page now.

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Finding Saskatchewan Blogs

If you have a blog, and are from, or live in Saskatchewan, please leave a comment with your blog address so people can check it out.

Here’s one I came across today http://bjcrowe.wordpress.com

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RIP Joe of Owls and Roosters

A Saskatchewan Blogger has passed away. Joe Kuchta died Nov. 16, 2011 at his home.

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Politics Underfoot

A quick reminder that Saskatchewan’s 27th General Election is underway, and many SaskBlogs Aggregator 2.0 members are writing interesting things you’ll want to read to get your political fix.

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New Server

I’ve moved Saskblogs.ca to a new server to keep WordPress updated better. Hopefully you don’t notice any negative changes from this, but let me know if you do.


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Melville Hotel Fire

One new addition to the Saskblogs Aggregator 2.0 is a historian who blogs about Saskatchewan hotels.

You can see what it looked like in the Summer before it burned last year in February. The arsonist was given 3.5 years in jail.

Here’s another non-fiery view:

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