This site is a collaborative effort between Saskboy of Abandoned Stuff, and Huffb1, and any interested Saskatchewan Bloggers. (Previously, Stephen Glauser provided site assistance.) We wanted a gathering point to organize events for bloggers in Saskatchewan, and this site is that point.

The SaskBlogs blogroll was originally a creation of Catprint.ca

The SaskBlogs Aggregator 2.0 is hosted by FeedCluster.com and is not managed by Saskblogs.ca

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  1. Julia says:

    Amazing concept ~For Saskatchewan bloggers, by Saskatchewan bloggers~ to start a site for Saskatchewan bloggers. I am new to blogging, and you have some interesting articles on your site. Keep up the great work

  2. Jaimie says:

    Ditto to what Julia says…I’m glad we found you!

  3. Just came across this today, and am pleased to see Sask people bonding together in the blogging world.

    I just moved back to Saskatchewan a few months ago, and started my own blog this week. I’ve gone through some personal struggles which I’ll be documenting — in hopes of helping and comforting others who might be going through the same.

    Just wanted to share it with anyone who is interested.

    All the best,

  4. Lifestyle blog about growing up on the Canadian prairies, adult life and retirement.

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