John Murney and Saskboy meet at the UofR

I [Saskboy] was at the University of Regina main campus on Monday, and realized that John Murney is working on his economics program there, so I left a message for him to meet me. So I’ve now met the well known and respected Saskatchewan blogger, John Murney.

We talked about politics, with his friend Patrick, and my girlfriend Ashley, and other friends of ours walked by and stopped to talk too. It was great to talk to someone who knows Saskatchewan and Canadian politics so well. Our best guess is that there will be a provincial election in either May or June 2007, so watch for that. I think May is most likely.


In other Saskblogs news, Lance has rolled out version 3 of the Saskblogs Aggregator. I’ve noticed a few additions to the blogroll in the past weeks, and hopefully word will spread among bloggers from the most rectangular province on the prairies, and we’ll hit 200 members in 2007.

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