Sunday July 27 2008 in Regina – UPDATED

OK, Sask Bloggers, 12:00 noon July 27, 2008 Sunday in Regina’s Goose Hill Park west of the Science Center is the site of our 3rd annual potluck BBQ!

Come out with yourself and some friends/family for a good time with some good food, and good company.

Did I mention that the Riders play Toronto at 5:00 that evening, so you could make our event your pre-game party?

If you’re coming, please leave a comment with what item(s) you’re thinking of bringing. I have plenty of disposable plates left over from last year (You can bring your own reusable ones if you prefer), and I can bring coals again to have the BBQ roaring by noon. I’ll also provide some meat and meat-like products (ie. hotdogs).

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6 Responses to Sunday July 27 2008 in Regina – UPDATED

  1. John Murney says:

    I’ll be there, just pick a day.

  2. Prairie Fire says:

    I will try and make it down – please keep me posted!

  3. kate says:

    Thanks for letting me know. I’ve marked my calendar and will be there. I can bring a potato salad and cookies.

  4. I plan on being at the Rider game, so I’ll try and make this one. 🙂

  5. Saskboy says:

    Sounds good everyone. That means we have at least 6 people planning to attend, and there’s a month yet to go, so we could very well end up with 20 or more like the first year.

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