Regina SaskBlogs BBQ July 8, 2007

IMG_4963I smelled BBQ from my bedroom window this afternoon, which got me thinking about Summer. July 8 2007 in Regina doesn’t appear to have any events besides the CFL game where the Riders host the Stamps Sunday at 5:00 PM. There are no big events listed in Saskatoon that day either, so hopefully people can travel down The Louis Riel Trail Highway # 11, and attend the Blogger BBQ in the Queen City. I hope people from all over the province will be looking to meet some bloggers and enjoy a pot luck lunch. There will be a Saskatoon date too, as soon as someone picks one.

So, the Regina SaskBloggers BBQ will be in a Regina park [otherwise indoors if it’s heavy rain] at 12:00 PM Noon July 8 2007 Sunday.

Anyone with comments, please chime in. You can email Saskboy at his address, or leave a comment here.

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7 Responses to Regina SaskBlogs BBQ July 8, 2007

  1. kate says:

    I’ll mark the date on my calendar … that will be fun!! Keep us posted on any further info. Maybe you can all come and check out my garden!

  2. Saskboy says:

    Super to have you coming Kate. Careful with your offer, we might want to hold the BBQ IN your garden 😉

    I’ll keep you posted with updates. See you in July

  3. Saskboy says:

    Will you be bringing kids, spouse, and/or friends Kate? The more the merrier.

  4. arcolaura says:

    It’s on the calendar, but I probably won’t be able to give a definite aye or nay until . . . well, until I show up. Might work out well if we’re sending Ruth off to Cadet camp that weekend. We are just deciding whether to undertake a very ambitious renovation this summer (turning the guts of our backwards house around to face the sun) and if we go for that, we’ll be planning our lives by the weather forecasts until we finish or until the snow flies – and it will be a tight race. If I do come, I will probably have spouse and one or two kids along.

  5. Krydor says:

    I’m going with “possibly”. As soon as I can figure out a way of transporting 1 wife, 2 kids and 2 dogs in a car designed for 5, I’ll have a better idea. Last time was fun, and this time will also be fun.

    Yes, the dogs have to come. The big one likes the park and the small one has to be with the big one.

  6. Saskboy says:

    Krydor and Arcolaura, I hope you both find the time. It’d be good to have you and your family back again this year Krydor.

    I’m thinking of having this year’s BBQ at the park right beside the Science Center parking lot to make it easier for people to park and find the event. I’ll announce the location later in April.

  7. Monty Loree says:

    I’m interested…
    Being the summer time and everything, plans may change. However, for the moment, I’m interested to get involved with other Saskatchewan bloggers.

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