July 8, 2007 ; Facebook group

For bloggers who use Facebook (a social networking site) I’ve created a Saskatchewan Bloggers group for Facebook users. There is also an event listed on Facebook for the July 8 Regina BBQ, so if you’re a Facebooker, you can RSVP there as well as on Saskblogs.ca or by emailing Saskboy at his Hotmail.com address.

Responding to say you’re coming helps me plan the size of the event, and if I’ll need extra tables and that sort of thing. You can just show up unannounced so long as you bring a little something to share for the pot luck lunch. It’s a public event, so everyone is welcome (even non-bloggers). Bring some friends with you.

So far we have 4 to 6 children coming with 5 bloggers and their 5 adult guests. Keeping in mind that July is more than 3 months away, the turnout could be large indeed if we already have about 15 people after the first few days of planning. I haven’t even sent out (spammed) the invitations to more than a dozen bloggers yet. There are over a hundred and fifty listed SaskBloggers, and we know there are dozens to hundreds more out there!

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