July 8, 2007 Noon Regina BBQ at Goose Hill Park (Science Center)

I’ve scoped out the barbecue picnic site just meters west of the Science Center parking lot, and it looks like a good one to host the:

2nd Annual SaskBlogs BBQ in Regina
July 8, 2007 12:00 PM Noon
(Park vehicles at the Science Center)


See the turn to the Science Center from Wascana Parkway/Broad St.

I’ll try to have a Saskatchewan flag on display at our picnic site, because if it’s a nice day there will be other picnickers out in the park too.

How do you get in on the fun and food?

  • Please leave a comment here if you are coming with how many in your group including you are attending. We also have a spot on Facebook where you can also confirm. RSVPing is optional, but it helps me to plan the number of tables and supplies to have ready. (People who have left a comment at another thread on SaskBlogs.ca don’t have to re-confirm.)
  • Everyone brings a food item so there will be enough to share in a pot-luck style meal. Please invite your friends. The more the merrier; have them confirm please, or count them in your stated total.
  • Krydor has suggested we make an effort to “go green” this year, so even though I’ll have paper plates/cups/napkins/plastic utensils on hand, please feel welcome to bring your own reusable tableware. There may be carpooling opportunities, so if you’re looking for a ride from Saskatoon, or can offer one, leave a note in the comments here.
  • Parking can be done at the Science Center’s parking lot.

The guest list so far includes the following who have confirmed they are coming, or are thinking about it. (The number they are coming with are in brackets):

Saskboy (2)
http://www.livejournal.com/users/insanitycase (4)
http://krydoristan.blogspot.com/ (4)
John Murney
Jason Hammond
Tanya (4)
Terri S.
Kyle MacDonald
Amanda S.
Stephen Glauser
Ryan A.
Eric E.
Aidan M.
Karen K.



If you’re not sure what “SaskBlogs” is, it’s a collection of Saskatchewan websites maintained by writers known as “web loggers”. Lance compiled the list, and programmed the Aggregator which lists the most recent writings by the SaskBloggers. The SaskBloggers and anyone interested in meeting bloggers to talk about anything under the sun, are welcome to attend this potluck BBQ. There will be games available such as soccer, and whatever people want to bring to the park.

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18 Responses to July 8, 2007 Noon Regina BBQ at Goose Hill Park (Science Center)

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  2. Derek Burt says:

    I can’t make it again this year – stupid out-of-town weddings 🙁

  3. Saskboy says:

    Hope you can make it in 2008 then Derek 🙂

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  5. lance says:

    SDA and I will be down. Go Riders!


  6. Krydor says:

    Not so much going green as a ham fisted slam at environmentalism. Anyway, what do you want us to bring? Dogs are staying home, so we have room for junk, and crap and so forth.

    I don’t think we need 200 macaroni salads…

  7. Saskboy says:

    Krydor, I haven’t picked out who should bring what food types yet, so if you have a preference, please state it so others reading this can avoid bringing exactly the same thing.

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  9. Kevin S says:

    I’ll be there

  10. Pilot says:

    Well I wasn’t gonna come because
    a) I thought I’d retired from blogging and
    b) I thought I’d be in Winnipeg at Folk Fest.

    Both situations have now changed. I’ll be working on Saturday, but I conveniently happen to work at the Science Center, so count me in over lunch. I’ll bring something nice.

    It’ll be me the fiancee and her daughter.

    Peace all!

  11. Krydor says:

    Afraid I have to bail on this edition of the BBQ. Have to work on short notice. See y’all next year.

  12. Saskboy says:

    Glad you can make it Kevin and Pilot, and see you next year Krydor.

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  14. Saskboy says:

    I’ll try to claim the space at 11:00, so I’ll be there early if any one wants to show up a bit early. I am bringing the unused plates and utensils donated for last year’s, and will have a few extra burgers and hotdogs with a few fixin’s. I can bring a cooking source, but would prefer someone else who can come early to chip in and do that if there are any volunteers?

  15. Monty Loree says:

    I’d be pleased to go..
    Visiting with other bloggers will be fun!!

  16. 200232298 says:

    damnit, got booked for work, can’t get out now 🙁

  17. Saskboy says:

    See you there Monty, and Jeff hope you can make it in 2008 then.

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