See you Sunday for the BBQ

The day of the BBQ has arrived, and the forecast is partly cloudy with a perfect 22 degrees Celsius. It should be a great day, and if you’re in town for the Rider game too… GO RIDERS!

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4 Responses to See you Sunday for the BBQ

  1. Saskboy says:

    Pictures and details to come later. Today the Saskblogs Aggregator was down due to the storm in Delisle Lance mentioned while he was in Regina.

  2. arcolaura says:

    That was great fun! Thanks for organizing it, Saskboy. I’m glad I got to meet you, and all the others too. Here’s hoping to see everyone again, and more too, next year.

  3. Monty Loree says:

    Agreed… it was really nice to meet other Saskatchewan bloggers. The discussion was definitely lively and interesting..

    My blog post about the Saskatchewan Picnic Event annual saskatchwan bloggers picnic.html


    Thanks again.

    I look forward to the next event.


  4. Saskboy says:

    I guess I should start planning Saskatoon’s event pretty quickly!

    Thanks for compiling the photos and list Monty, and thanks for sticking around in Regina an extra day Laura.

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