2007 Regina SaskBloggers BBQ wrap up

The 2007 Regina BBQ is in the books now, and I’ll say based on the comments from attendees, that it was another good event. Hopefully even more bloggers will make it next year and we improve on our modest attendance.


The turnout was a little too modest for the likes of the only media who showed up this time, since they seemed to have killed the story which was destined for Global News. It didn’t help that the reporter, Jennifer I. didn’t research the story by maybe reading the press release, visiting any of the attending bloggers websites, or show any interest at all in the story. Maybe Kate’s heckling that it was OK that Jennifer didn’t read blogs “because we didn’t watch TV news or read newspapers anyway,” scared her away… but more likely it was just apathy. Never mind that it’s sometimes said that bloggers will one day make TV reporters obsolete…

I’ve had several interviews with media about my blog, and now I see why someone who gets a lot of interviews like Kate, can get fed up with the mundane and ill informed questions directed at web loggers. I’ve had only worthwhile interviews, until Sunday. Someone of Jennifer’s nature, who’s surprised that we didn’t have laptops at our picnic off Wascana Lake, isn’t exactly suited to interviewing a boggle of bloggers. (I’ve just coined that phrase, so if you use it, I may become famous. Gaggle of geese, a murder of crows, and a boggle of bloggers.) I guess I could be more fair, and say that I need to win over people unconvinced about blogging’s charm, and if I couldn’t win over a reporter then it’s my fault or blogging is an uninteresting subject. More likely I think, it’s that Jennifer had her mind made up as to the kind of people at the BBQ, and decided upon seeing a small group that there’s not a lot of people interested in blogging. Considering Kate’s 6 Million page visits, I’d wager that Jennifer erred.

So without the media there for our entertainment, we kicked around a soccer ball a bit, and mostly talked about food, weather, health care, economics, housing boom, climate change, travel, Nepal, worms, elections, and of course our blogs and computers. When the crowd got too large for me to follow all conversation threads, I suppose I missed a range of other subjects.

Monty of Canadian Money Advisor compiled a list of the bloggers who attended. There was a handful of other guests without blogs to link here. Monty’s photo album is the best one online too.

Details of the picnic before it happened… and more wrap up.

Watch for details on Saskatoon’s 2007 meetup coming soon on saskblogs.ca!

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3 Responses to 2007 Regina SaskBloggers BBQ wrap up

  1. Monty Loree says:

    Hey Saskboy,

    I really did enjoy the picnic.

    The link to my photo album is:
    http://www.canadian-money-advisor.ca/album/ 🙂

    We did indeed cover alot of topics, and I really enjoyed the fact that the attendees felt comfortable (as bloggers do) speaking their minds!!

    Thanks again for the invite.

  2. Saskboy says:

    You’re quite welcome Monty. I look forward to next year’s BBQ, and maybe something in Saskatoon this year.

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