2nd Annual Saskatoon SaskBlogs gathering in the works – provide input

What are peoples’ preferences for a Saskatoon hosted gathering of Saskatchewan bloggers? BBQ, pub, restaurant, coffee shop, mini golf, backyard, parade (lol)? Speak now and get what you want… including the day in early August it will be held on.

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6 Responses to 2nd Annual Saskatoon SaskBlogs gathering in the works – provide input

  1. Mr. C.C. says:

    For the following some recommendations are:


    Market Mall
    The Centre At Circle & 8th
    Midtown Mall
    Lawson Heights Mall
    Confederation Mall

    There are others, but those are the most main malls.


    Jerry’s Food Emporium


    Market Mall
    Putt & Bounce beside Fuddruckers


    Long Branch

    Those are some I could think of off the top of my head.

  2. Saskboy says:

    Where is Jerry’s? I’ve been there once and they have great food and ice cream so it’d be a good place to gather.

  3. newsong says:

    I like the Jerry’s idea, it’s a good place for a group.

  4. Saskboy says:

    Cool, so at lest 2, maybe 3 votes for Jerrys. I’ll put up a new post suggesting that, and see if we can get more people on board and settle on a date that works for the most people.

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  6. Mr. C.C. says:

    For theaters there are:

    Rainbow Cinema in Centre At Circle & 8th – Older new releases
    Cineplex in Centre At Circle & 8th – New releases
    Galaxy Cinema across from Midtown Mall – New releases
    Sundown Drive-In – Highway 5 East
    Roxy Theater on 20 St. West – Older new releases
    Empire Capitol Theater on 1st Ave. South – Older new releases
    Broadway Theater on Broadway Avenue – Plays old movies

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