Saskatoon at Jerry’s Food Emporium?

How does Jerry’s sound for a SaskBlogs gathering in August? Please leave your possible days you could attend in a comment, then I’ll make a reservation at the end of this week.

Jerry’s website.

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16 Responses to Saskatoon at Jerry’s Food Emporium?

  1. huffb1 says:

    I will have to stop by to meet some of the bloggers. Jerrys is very good. It will great to meet who every is there. I don’t have a blog at this time but I may make one some day.

  2. Mr. C.C. says:

    I had some of their food at the Taste of Saskatchewan. It was very good. I had their fish and chips.

  3. Saskboy says:

    Any date in mind guys? How’s August 11th for everyone?

  4. Mr. C.C. says:

    Well, I work on Thursday evenings, so you should schedule it for the weekend or something.

  5. John Murney says:

    Not August 9 – that’s my birthday!

  6. huffb1 says:

    sorry Saskboy if you are going to do this on the weekend of the August 11 I won’t be able to come. I am going up to the lake between the August 7-11. I was really hoping I could meet you guys since I have never meet any of you before.

  7. Saskboy says:

    There hasn’t been a good response then so far for early August. Maybe, since we’re doing this year’s indoors, we shouldn’t rush it, and make it October instead…

    If there’s anyone who wants to help round up interested Saskatoon bloggers though, please get in touch. I have a feeling there are dozens of Saskatoon area bloggers who haven’t heard that it’s possible to meet.

  8. newsong says:

    I like October. August is busy for me.

  9. Saskboy says:

    October it is then, if I can get another 9 people or so to agree on a day then.

  10. Mr. C.C. says:

    What about September?

  11. Saskboy says:

    September might work, but last year’s didn’t have a lot of people (although it was outdoors). I thought by October more people would be settled into their school/post summer vacation routines and would have an available weekend.

  12. Prairie Fire says:

    October could work, depending on the day. Would be great to meet the SK blogging community face-to-face.

  13. huffb1 says:

    Saskboy I can come any weekend in october.

    The reason I don’t have any date in mind is that I am a highschool student and have lots of free time on the weekends most of the time unless I have lots of homework.

  14. Saskboy says:

    Just to toss a date out, how’s October 13th for people?

  15. huffb1 says:

    october 13 sounds good

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