SaskBlogs in Saskatoon October 13 2007 Noon

Jerry’s Food Emporium sound good for a SaskBloggers gathering I hope? They have fantastic ice cream, and if you’re not a fan of dairy they have other great food for your lunch too.


When: Noon 12:00 October 13 2007

Where: Jerry’s Food Emporium. Just off 8th @ Grosvenor Ave.

Why: This is your best chance to meet several bloggers all at one time without waiting for the 2008 BBQ in Regina. It will be a fun time with interesting discussion of whatever it is people want to talk about.

How: Just show up at the right time on the right day. We’d appreciate letting us know that you’re coming so we can reserve enough space for everyone. (Attendance is free; just pay for your own food & drink.)

You can optionally let us know you’re coming by RSVP’ing at the Facebook Event listing.

Who: Some of the most well known bloggers in the province, and even Canada, could end up in your company.

More details will follow at Invited by default are everyone with a blog on the SaskBlogs Aggregator (or anyone who reads blogs).

The general public is invited too — the more the merrier.

Saskboy is a blogger living in Regina, and has coordinated the 3 previous SaskBlogs events.
Lance Levsen created and operates the SaskBlogs Aggregator.
Stephen Glauser programs

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7 Responses to SaskBlogs in Saskatoon October 13 2007 Noon

  1. Saskboy says:

    We’re up to over 9 people coming (or sitting on the fence), so it should be a good time even if the “maybes” don’t make it out.

  2. Saskboy says:

    Jerry’s can’t save us a table, but whoever gets there first can claim some by buying a drink or some food and grabbing a couple (or maybe three) together. I’ll try to be there first, but I’m coming from a 3 hour drive away, so may not arrive much before noon.

  3. Saskboy says:

    I’ve invited readers to join our party too.

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  5. hugh says:

    any plans for november?

  6. Saskboy says:

    No set plans for November. If you are interested, I can try to find out if others will be too.

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