One more sleep to go for Saskatoon

I’ve never been this excited to have October 13th come up before. But this year I have a good reason, and that’s the SaskBlogs Party at Jerry’s in Saskatoon starting at Noon. It looks like about a dozen bloggers will show up, maybe more/less.

I also got word today that Saskatchewan’s newest political video blogger (who happens to be seeking votes in the coming election), David Karwacki is going to stop by. This means there’s a chance the media will show up too, so if you like to talk about your blog, perhaps there will be someone to interview you.

I expect the afternoon will also be a good time for bloggers who don’t care to dabble in politics. There will be several tables of bloggers, so you can discus absolutely anything if you’re not wrapped up in election fever.

See you on Saturday!


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3 Responses to One more sleep to go for Saskatoon

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  2. huffb1 says:

    David Karwacki is going to be there now. wow this should intersting. All be there!!

  3. Saskboy says:

    There was a clip of our table on the news in the top election story. More details, stories and photos to be posted later…

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