Saskatoon SaskBlogs gathering Saturday April 12, 2008

Huffb1 and Saskboy are organizing a short-notice gathering for bloggers on Saturday April 12th in Saskatoon. We meet at 12:00PM at the Park Cafe on 515 20th St. W. near Ave. E S.
Stay tuned for any further details before Saturday…

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  2. Saskboy says:

    And some blockbuster news this week, as the SaskBlogs Aggregator has been taken offline for what appears to be at the very least until the latest court battles over blogs are settled.

  3. John Murney says:

    Why in the hell would you organize something at the busiest time of year for me (final exams?!) I would actually like to come to this! Damn!

  4. saskboy says:

    And go to Saskatoon as well, John? Don’t worry, we’ll have another one later in the year (in both Regina and Saskatoon), it’s just that I happened to be going to Saskatoon this weekend, and thought of turning it into a last minute chance for a party.

  5. huffb1 says:

    Don’t worrie John. There will another one later in the year in Regina and Saskatoon.

  6. Wheatsheaf says:

    Great idea lads. When you do organize the Regina one, increased advance notice would be excellent. Cheers

  7. Saskboy says:

    This was a spur of the moment/week kind of thing, but there will be another one in Regina (and Saskatoon) this Summer. If you have dates in mind, please share them, we take suggestions because it’s your party too.

    We have 5 confirmed guests for Saturday so far.

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