Live Blogging in Saskatoon

I’m at the Park Cafe with 3 other Saskatchewan bloggers. This is the first opportunity I’ve had to post a blog entry at a blogger party. My XO laptop is the first laptop to even make an appearance at these events!


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9 Responses to Live Blogging in Saskatoon

  1. huffb1 says:

    Live Blogging? Im at home now!


  2. Saskboy says:

    And another SaskBlogs party wrapped up as a fun success. It was nice to see some new faces at this one.

  3. Saskboy says:

    There were some system difficulties with our site theme, but things seem to be working under this version.

  4. leftdog says:

    Hey Saskboy – looks good! Just one thing, would it be possible to have the old Saskblogs Blogroll on the sidebar here. That would allow people to come here and be able to access all of them. By linking my old Saskblogs icon (the Sask flag) to this site, I could than have easy access to all the others on the blogroll.

  5. Saskboy says:

    I’m going to have some trouble with that for the time being. The sidebar file isn’t accessible to me right now, I’ll have to tinker with file permissions, so it’ll turn into another day, but it will get done.

  6. leftdog says:

    No prob Saskboy! I don’t know how you find the time anyway to do all of the good things that you do to help the blogging community! Thanks!

  7. Saskboy says:

    A renovation of this blog is hopefully just days away.

  8. Lore_Weaver says:

    When’s the next get together?

  9. Saskboy says:

    Whenever, and wherever someone organizes one 🙂 Go ahead and suggest a date, time, and place and we can send out a message to people on the SaskBlogs Facebook group, and try to get the word out. I’m in Regina, so if someone else wants to take the lead on Saskatoon gatherings, that would be best.

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