SaskBlogs in Saskatoon October 18, 2008 Noon- Update

Here it is fellow Sask Bloggers, 12:00 noon October 18, 2008 Saturday at Jerry’s Food Emporium just off 8th and Grosvenor. Hope to see you there!

Huffb1 and Saskboy have organized the next SaskBlogs gathering for Saskatoon. This will be the 3rd year of SaskBlogs events in the City of Bridges. We already have 5 bloggers confirmed as being able to attend Saturday October 18, 2008, and we hope to add many more for this indoor gathering at Jerry’s. If you’re interested in attending, please leave a comment or send one of us an email.

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6 Responses to SaskBlogs in Saskatoon October 18, 2008 Noon- Update

  1. Twyla says:

    I plan to come. =)

  2. Saskboy says:

    Great, see you and the other bloggers there 🙂

  3. huffb1 says:

    This is great! One more blogger coming! See you there.

  4. Greetings. I am trying to join but for some reason I cannot figure out how. Anways hope everyone checks out my blog, I’ve already had 25K hits by people in 37 different countries in just 4 months online. Hope you enjoy it.


    ps….I would love to come to this bbq if I could figure out how to join…lol.

  5. Saskboy says:

    Hi Guy,

    It’s a little tricky, since you can’t join the blogroll directly from here. You can ask Lance at if he’ll add you to the list.

    In a way you’ve already joined the group though, since you’re commenting here, people can see your site. I also plan to write about your photography from my blog at when I get a chance.

    There’s no BBQ coming up shortly, but there is a get together in Saskatoon this weekend at Jerry’s Food Emporium that you’re welcome to attend. Keep your eyes peeled for Regina events coming up this Winter, or get in touch directly with me.

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