SaskBloggers in Saskatoon

Saturday was the 3rd Annual SaskBloggers get together in Saskatoon. The turnout was pretty good with 7 bloggers and 2 guests in attendance. I think we made more noise laughing than kids getting ice cream in the restaurant.

Saskboy (me), Lore_Weaver (whose blog has been spammed into malfunctioning), Jadon, Twyla, Tanya, Zach Bell, and Huffb1 came out to talk politics, pollution, technology, car sharing, blogs, and more.


There’s talk of a Winter Saskatoon get together in February 2009, at an Asian food location in the afternoon. Location and date will be announced on soon I hope.

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  2. leftdog says:

    I have visited the sites of everyone who showed up at the event. There are some fine blogs represented at that table! I have always said that the province of Saskatchewan punches WAY above it’s weight class in the Canadian blogosphere.

    Good stuff. Keep on bloggin’

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