SaskBlogs Meet 2006 in Regina July 22, 2006

Stephen Glauser and Saskboy have organized a Saskatchewan Bloggers BBQ and day of events for Saturday July 22, 2006 in Regina’s Lakeshore Park starting at 1:00 PM.

& Meet on August 19th, 1 pm at Diefenbaker Park in Saskatoon.

Lakeshore Drive is south of Wascana Lake, and you can see directions from Google here.

Check near Ave. G at the Totem Pole.
Stephen and Saskboy are providing a burger or hotdog to each blogger and their guest(s) who RSVP by July 20. The BBQ is free, and is Pot Luck. Everyone eating is asked to bring a food item to share. Contributions for the grill rental and meat are welcome. People with special dietary concerns should contact Saskboy prior to July 20.

There are not neccessarily enough picnic benches for everyone, so please bring a blanket or lawn chairs if you don’t want to sit on the grass. Everyone can bring stuff like ball gloves, footballs, frizbees, etc.

At 4:00 PM you can join us in heading to Taylor Field to see the Argos take on the Riders at 5:00 PM. If you’re interested in sitting with the group of bloggers, mark that on the RSVP form, and Stephen will let you know the price of tickets. Comment if you have your own tickets, but want to sit with us and we’ll try to let you know where we are sitting. Attendees who don’t want to see the game can do whatever. Here are some suggestions of Regina events:

Royal Sask. Museum concludes a special Centennial week.
Science Center is just to the north east of the park off Broad St.
Moose Jaw has a festival of Words. Forget has a festival Saturday too. And Coronach has Outlaw Days if you’re looking to head out of town to see the south of the province.

After the Rider game we’ll be meeting at the Cathedral Village Freehouse on Albert St. north of 13th Ave. under a reservation for “Saskbloggers”. Only a few tables don’t allow minors, so all ages are welcome. [The reservation is for 9:00 PM for 8 people, but that’s just a guestimate at the number of people, and the time after the football game.]
Click here to RSVP.
Click here to see the list of registered attendees.

Legislature west of Lakeshore Dr.
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19 Responses to SaskBlogs Meet 2006 in Regina July 22, 2006

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  2. Saskboy says:

    For those curious: Details for Saturday August 19th 2006 in Saskatoon are being worked on. Expect an announcement in a week or so. Both FolkFest and the Canada Remembers Air Show are possible venues for a blogger meeting. Kinsmen Park might be a good spot for a BBQ too. Suggestions are welcome.

    We hope you can attend our events in both Regina and Saskatoon.

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  5. Saskboy says:

    Taste of Regina is in Victoria Park that day for people interested in bonus activities during the day.

  6. Ladybug says:

    How does one get invited to this extravaganza?

  7. Saskboy says:

    Ladybug, Consider yourself invited. If you’re not already, add yourself to the RSVP list, and list your blog with too if you like.

  8. Pilot says:

    Is there a suggested contribution visitors should make for the get together. It makes little difference to me how much. Also, can I help y’all in anyway? I can pick up nametags or something, whatever is cool. If you need help, just drop me a line.

  9. Amy says:

    Hi there,

    I just thought I’d clarify that the festival in Moose Jaw is about more than just poetry (although there are lots of poets, too!). Margaret Atwood is headlining the event, and it runs from July 20th to the 23.

    You can read all about the Festival of Words at

  10. Saskboy says:

    Just if anyone is wondering, I’ve been away down east so haven’t posted any updated news lately. There are so far 28 people at the Regina event, including children.

  11. Saskboy says:

    The forecast so far for Saturday looks perfect if you like a hot and sunny day.

    Thank you Amy for the update. It looks pretty much sold out?

    And thank you Pilot for the offer of help with the BBQ coals and coal starting.

    If there’s anyone else who would like to provide some or all of the following items on the list please leave a comment, or send an email, and be at the Totem Pole in the park by noon in advance of the “non-volunteers”.

    The List:

    music – CD and player with batteries for instance.
    frisbee, or other entertainment
    plastic utensils and paper plates, cooking/serving utensils
    water in big jugs/ and cups
    garbage bags
    folding table
    picnic tablecloth with clips
    roaster pan with lid to store cooked meat
    potentially buns, depending on the meat type(s) we are provided with by Amanda.
    Everyone brings a potluck food item to share if they are eating at 1:00 with everyone.
  12. Soulfood says:


    I could make some punch in jugs and bring it. If I can find jugs. But I’ll improvise something.

    And if no one has volunteered, I can buy some paper plates, cups, utensils, etc. But I don’t have any like grilling/serving utensils really. If you can’t get someone to bring those, hit up Andrew at Randomization and he can steal something from our parents house. (he’ll give it back I’m sure)

  13. Soulfood says:

    OK, I bought plates and utensils and cups. So nobody else better have volunteered for that!!!

  14. Spamouflage says:

    I won’t be able to attend but I’ve bookmarked the site for future events in Regina. Great idea.

  15. Saskboy says:

    The day was a hit. Photos and stories to come later. Lance of will lead the Saskatoon organizing for August 19th. Some people want another Regina BBQ later this Summer, so suggested dates are welcome here. Post photos or links to your Saskblogs BBQ stories or photo posts.

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  17. Lance says:

    Saskboy, you wanna start a thread for the Stoon event?


  18. Saskboy says:

    Soulfood, the plates you an others brought I saved and will take to Saskatoon or the Kipling events. I didn’t notice your message it was in the blog’s moderation queue.

    Spamouflage, hope to see you there!

    Done Lance, check it out here

  19. Dan says:

    Any details yet on the Saskatoon meet? It still looks like a “possible” meet August 19.

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